Browning Brothers Services

Our company offers the best installation of hardwood flooring on the Gulf Coast. Starting with the sub-floor all the way to the finished product we can meet your needs. Our sanding and finish crews are the most qualified, and are always abreast of new ways to perfect the sanding and finishing process.

Dustless Sanding and Refinishing
We are the only company to design and build a dustless machine to eliminate the dust from inside and move it to a holding tank outside. It is a process we have been working on for the past ten years, in response to a need we saw for employees and for our customers. We started way before the industry saw the need to turn towards this process. Some of our designs are being used by other manufacturers today. Our goal is to eliminate dust completely during the sanding process and we are very near to reaching our goal.

If the finish of your floor ever dulls from wear, we can top coat the floors to refresh the original luster. Using this service the client is eliminating the need to sand and finish their floors and extending the life of their hardwood floors for generations to enjoy.

Creative Designs

If you are looking for borders or medallions, we are your one stop source for these beautiful designs of wood. We can offer pre-made patterns or we help you design your own.

Our services include stain designs into your flooring if you are looking for a different appearance in your wood flooring. We can give you the appearance of bordering without the expense of using real wood.

We also have brainstorming sessions if a client has an idea they would like to go over with our staff. This method has helped some of our clients solve flooring problems in a short period time, which otherwise may not have been solved to their satisfaction.

Wood Species
We also provide any type of wood species on the market, and we are always searching for different species to be able to offer our customers. In our area, the beauty of heart pine is still requested quite often. We are always looking for the highest quality product at the best price to provide for our customers. If one of our customers is interested in Brazilian Cherry or Santos Mahogany or any other type of species, we can provide the material with one of our established contacts whether domestic or foreign.

Cleaning Supplies and Accessories
We also provide cleaning materials to maintain the beauty of our client’s floors after we have completed our work. We have a supply at our store or we can ship them to you. Read more about our new line of cleaning products.

There is also a need for pads to attach to furniture and we have a large supply in different sizes.

We also have available to our clients, a patented sheet metal pan designed to capture and drain any water from leaking appliances, fixtures or connections. The floor saver, under-appliance drain pan is designed for use under refrigerators, dishwashers and even washing machines. Its purpose: Lifelong protection for your flooring investment.